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Proxy is a leading IT service provider with a strong focus on Open Source Technology. This focus enables us to swiftly and flexibly apply the latest developments to the IT infrastructure of our clients and partners. Our approach revolves around knowledge sharing and personalised support, laying a solid foundation for growth and innovation.

At Proxy, our mission is to empower businesses to focus on their core processes without worrying about their IT landscape. The rapidly evolving IT landscape demands specialised expertise. Our experts excel at understanding the unique needs of our clients and implementing and managing the most effective, scalable, and secure solutions. At Proxy, we are fully committed to creating a future-proof IT environment for our clients.




Open-source innovation for every need


We assist companies with their digital strategy and transition by providing and managing open-source and cloud technologies tailored to their specific needs. This enables them to realize their business of tomorrow.

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Proxy believes that its knowledge and enthusiasm in the field of open-source and cloud technologies bring out the best in its clients and engineers. Through short communication lines and our core values: personal, reliable, clarity, perseverance, and commitment, we aim to excite every customer about our services.


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