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The IT environment is our responsibility, allowing your company to focus entirely on core activities. Interested in learning more about our IT management services? Feel free to use the calculation tool without any obligation.


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What does Proxy do

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Proxy is the technology partner for SMEs and SMBs. We have over 25 years of experience in IT infrastructure and provide 24/7 support. We handle IT projects based on Linux, Suse, Rancher, RHEL, OpenShift, and Ansible, among others. This could involve migrating to a new version, setting up entirely new hardware, conducting a disaster recovery test, configuring and implementing systems, purchasing new hardware, or providing advice and hands-on guidance in Cloud Adaptation, Containerisation, and migration.

Our specialists look beyond technology alone and possess in-depth knowledge in the areas of IT Infrastructure, Automation, and Backup solutions. We are a flexible, hands-on company with top-notch technicians and are dedicated to assisting organisations in making the right IT decisions, both for the present and the future.


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Grow as an organisation with a modern IT environment.

The complexity of IT infrastructure is inherently linked to the business processes of every organisation. Our expertise enables us to seamlessly tailor these processes and technologies to the unique needs of each organisation. This allows you to confidently face the future.




Thanks to the isolation of containers, applications remain consistent and predictable, minimising conflicts between apps.





With automation, human errors are minimised, leading to consistent and accurate results.


Infrastructure as a Service


With IaaS, you can quickly and easily scale resources based on your organisation's needs, without the burden of physical hardware.



Continuity ensured.
Always accessible.


Within an organisation, it is of utmost importance that processes can continue uninterrupted. The IT platform plays an essential role in this pursuit of continuity, with reliability being paramount. At Proxy, we share this insight and have the necessary expertise and specialists to fully cater to this aspect for organisations.


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