IT Health Check

Get the most out of your IT ecosystem: Our thorough Health Check identifies bottlenecks, improves efficiency, and ensures the health of your IT environment.


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Give a Linux environment the regular attention it deserves


During this Health Check, our consultant will assess your IT infrastructure for efficiency and speed. Afterwards, he/she will compile a report with improvement points. From this report, you will receive advice on the best options for your environment. Of course, Proxy will also assist you with the implementation of any improvement points so that the environment performs optimally again.

it health check




Thorough Health Check on 25 key points


In the full health check, one of our consultants will assess your IT infrastructure on 25 points. We do this in two working days, either remotely or at your location. We will look at, among other things:

  •     Storage use/configuration
  •     Patches/Software versions
  •     Security settings


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Hardware configuration check


Optimize the reliability of your systems: Our thorough hardware health check provides insight into the condition of your technology, minimizes risks, and ensures seamless performance.



Storage configuration


How is the storage configured? We look at RAID sets and their health. Are there spare disks available? Is the software up-to-date? Are all connected hosts healthy and redundantly configured? How is the storage divided? How is the data from the storage exposed externally? Is the data distributed through multiple paths?

Hypervisor configuration


How are the hypervisors configured? We look at the redundancy of the network. Is the software up-to-date? How is the storage delivered to the hypervisor? Are there hardware notifications in the events?

VMs configuration


How are the VMs created? Is the configuration optimal? How is the storage passed through to the VM? Are VMWare tools installed and up-to-date?

Our specialists are happy to assist you further

For immediate personal advice on our services or if you urgently need an IT specialist, please contact:


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Ray Vlasblom

Sales Manager

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Mark Zwenger

Account Manager

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