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IT needs know no bounds. Our professionals are ready to tackle these issues on premise or from a Managed Service team. Quality, efficiency and openness about the technology. We provide our services based on those core values.



IT Professionals    

Temporary hiring of professionals within your organisation - on premise. Specialists with extensive experience in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Bareos, IBM, NGINX and VMware.

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Managed Services    

We manage your IT project using our proven project methodology and within the agreed time and budget. Our IT specialists are certified.

Infrastructuur as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides on-demand virtual computing power, storage, and networking capabilities through a cloud provider.

Backup as a Service
Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a service in which an external provider manages and implements backup processes for user data via the cloud.

Containerisation is the use of isolated and portable environments, called containers, to efficiently run applications.

IT automation is the use of tools to perform repetitive IT tasks without direct human intervention.

Hardware Support
Hardware support includes services focused on the maintenance, repair, and general support of physical computing equipment.

IT Management
IT management involves planning, implementing and maintaining all IT resources and services within an organization to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.

Health Check
An IT health check is an evaluation process that assesses the overall health of an IT infrastructure, identifies potential problems and provides recommendations for improvement.