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What are containers?


Containers are portable packages of software that contain all the necessary components for an application to function. Kubernetes enables the automation of these containers, which means that container management is centralized and optimized. Containers contain autonomous code that can run independently.

Overview of benefits of containerisation for IT projects within your organisation:

Push Button Infrastructure

Development, Testing, Acceptance, and Production in one environment! This means that with 1 push of a button, you can deploy a complete DTAP street.

Platform Independent

Containers are platform-independent and can therefore be run on major cloud providers such as Azure, Google, and Amazon, as well as on-premises.

Highest Level of Technology

We work with software vendors that are at the forefront of Open Source solutions from a community-driven approach.

Integrated CI/CD tools

Containers offer many facets of IT infrastructure: the tools to manage them, the applications required for them, and also the tooling to develop the applications.







Developing applications easily and quickly


Developing applications without worries is possible thanks to our all-in-one platform: containerization in a PaaS environment. Important aspects such as uptime, redundancy, storage needs, and network access are fully taken care of within it.


Private cloud PaaS


  •     Platform management
  •     Optional subscriptions
  •     Infrastructure maintenance
  •     24/7 availability
  •     99,9% Uptime Guarantee
  •     Dutch and English-speaking helpdesk


The applications are deployed as containers on the so-called worker nodes. The price is calculated based on a price per worker node.


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What are the benefits of Proxy PaaS private cloud?

compared to other solutions


Proxy PaaS Public Cloud Traditional workloads (VMs)
Management of the container platform
Own private cloud
Scalability and flexibility
Faster time-to-market
Future proof


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