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Do you also think that Open Source can further help our customers?


If hearing “Linux” makes you smile, or if you consider the term “nerd” a badge of honor, then you should definitely read on!


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We are a team of specialists with a passion for open technology.


We are Proxy and we are one of the leading companies in our industry. We help our customers with their Linux, Open Source and Cloud Tech challenges through (consultancy) projects or Managed Services. And we could use some help with that. However, growth is not a goal in itself for us, but quality is!

We have been around since 1997, but we are still up to date. We are originally a consultancy company, but our vision of the IT world is that we can also serve our customers well with complete solutions. And our customers seem to agree with us, because our service Managed Services is growing fast and is already almost as big as consultancy branch.


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Are you our new talent?


First of all, we are curious about your passions. Where do you see yourself in the future and can Proxy be an important part of that? At Proxy, feeling at home is important and we believe in our core values of personal, reliability and clarity.


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