Backup as a Service

Security and peace of mind guaranteed: Our Backup as a Service offers reliable data protection without hassle.


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Secure Data Protection in the Cloud


BaaS, or Backup as a Service, offers businesses a simple and automated way to secure their data in the cloud. With BaaS, organizations can securely store, manage, and restore their critical data without the need for complex internal backup infrastructures. It's a flexible and reliable solution to protect valuable data from loss or disasters.





We, at Proxy, have chosen Bareos for this purpose. Bareos is an open-source backup package with the features of an Enterprise solution.


Overview of functionalities:

  •     File-level back-up and restore
  •     Scheduled backups
  •     Configurable retention periods
  •     Encryption: server-side (default) or client-side end-to-end
  •     Compression, incremental forever features available
  •     Automated monitoring, including monthly restore test
  •     Off-premises storage in hosting managed by Proxy
  •     Transport via VPN
  •     Basic capacity: 2TB (file-level) backup storage
  •     Expandable by 1TB backup storage increments
  •     Monitoring and management by Proxy


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