Improve IT efficiency with automated scripts for streamlined and accelerated processes.


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Within our workflows, we require many tasks to be automated, for which we use the following tools:



A powerful tool for configuration management and automation of IT tasks. It utilizes easy-to-understand YAML files and SSH connections, enabling users to quickly deploy and manage configurations. Benefits include the simple learning curve and agentless architecture, but complexity may increase with very large deployments.






Ansible Automation Platform

The Ansible Automation Platform is the additional layer on top of Ansible that makes complex IT infrastructures visible and manageable - with a powerful graphical user interface.

  •     Clear visual dashboard
  •     Role-based access control
  •     Task management
  •     Centralized login
  •     Built-in notifications
  •     API integration


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Automation focused on specific tasks:


Excellent for infrastructure management as code with platform independence, but it may have a steep learning curve with complex configurations.


Focused on continuous deployment for Kubernetes applications with Git-based automatic updates, although complex for beginners.


Specifically for infrastructure code tests, helps in early identification of errors but requires configuration time for complex environments.


Methodology based on version control principles, requires deep understanding of Git for automation in development workflows.


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