Scrum Master


If you're a Scrum Master with an Agile mindset who fosters a learning culture and facilitates personal leadership, who listens well and can manage various interests while not hesitating to provide feedback, then we're looking for you!





24 hours / week






What do you stand for as Scrum Master?


At Proxy, we believe in team ownership and strive for the success of our colleagues. To ensure that our teams achieve both short and long-term goals, we're seeking an enthusiastic and pragmatic Scrum Master to facilitate and support the Agile transformation within Proxy.


This is you:


  • A Scrum Master with proven knowledge and experience in Agile practices.
  • A curious personality always open to learning and self-improvement.
  • A change manager who encourages Agile methodologies.
  • An inspiring coach who makes qualities and talents more visible and utilized.
  • A good listener who is not afraid to give feedback.
  • A servant leader who does what is necessary in the interest of the organization and its employees (including yourself).
  • A positive facilitator who also considers long-term developments to make work easier and more enjoyable for our teams.


"Working at Proxy is the perfect blend of collaborating with technology. With room for self-development, I can grow as an open-source specialist across a wide range of fields." -Ben

What do you do on a daily basis?


You will work together with your fellow Scrum Masters and Product Owners to further shape the Agile transformation within Proxy's Managed Service department. Our teams delight clients with innovative Open Source and Cloud Technology, and you ensure they can perform optimally now and in the near future. You will deal with various internal and external stakeholders, diverse interests, and a varied Product Backlog. An organization that, thanks in part to the conditions you create, is ready to internalize Scrum, implement Scrum on a large scale, and grow in the Agile mindset.



About Proxy


Proxy is an IT specialist focused on Enterprise IT, Open Source, and Cloud Technology. We started in 1997 from a technical background and have never lost sight of that foundation. With extensive experience in IT infrastructures, 24/7 support, IT projects, and services, we work with clients from home or from one of our offices in Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Our teams mainly gather in Rotterdam. We are eager to learn, innovative, and share our knowledge. Open and respectful communication is important to us, which makes us proud to be the most enjoyable open-source company in the Netherlands.

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What does Proxy offer you?


  • That you will quickly feel at home within our ambitious and friendly company.
  • That we bring out the best in you.
  • That we can support you well with your work-life balance.
  • That the door is open to everyone here.
  • That we warmly welcome fun ideas, both technically, organisationally, and socially.
  • That we are curious about your views on a successful career within our company and that we will make this happen together.
  • That we allocate space for a training budget, phone, and laptop.
  • And that we respect you for who you are!





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Apply Now!

If you think you'll be happy here, don't hesitate and apply directly to us. Send your full CV and cover letter to our recruiter Kaarina Brouwers:

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